Call From home - It is a short conversation but actually a very long conversation....

It is just about when I got call from home.....

             I was in hostel and I got call from my home :-

       Me:  Hello...
       Mom :   I was calling you but your phone was not reachable.
       Me:    Yes mom, Network was not available.
       Mom:  Okay, How are you?
       Me :  I am gud, mom.
      Mom : Have you taken your meal?
      Me :  Yes mom. Okay mom, I am getting late for my classes, I will call you after some time.
     Mom: Okay, Call me back once you are free.
       Me:  Okay, Bye.

               So this was the conversation which was  short, but in reality it was a very long  conversation. The real conversation was :-

   Me : Hello .....
   Mom: I was calling you but your phone was not reachable.( I was so scared thinking that why was your phone unreachable, were you fine.)
   Me: Yes Mom, network was not available.
    Mom:  Okay, How are you?  ( I hope you are not feeling alone and you are happy there)
    Me :  I am gud, mom.( I am not gud, I am missing …
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